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10 questions with Megan Piper

Megan Piper, 28, is a gallerist and co-founder of The Piper Gallery. We quiz her on her dress sense, the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her at a private view and her aspirations for the Piper Gallery in 5 years time.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 11 Oct 2013
Megan Piper Megan Piper     What made you want to set up The Piper Gallery? I'd dreamt of having my own space to promote artists that I really believe in. Three years ago, after seeing an exhibition at Ikon in Birmingham, I started thinking about artists from the 70's and wondered what those artists are doing now. It was exciting and I became convinced that there should be a space in London dedicated to celebrating the careers of artists - with a programme that focuses on rediscovering and re-evaluating older contemporary artists.   Describe The Piper Gallery in 3 words A fresh perspective   What's your Art background? After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2008 I started working for Momart, the fine art handler, coordinating the logistical side of exhibitions. I worked there for two and a half years looking after White Cube, Gagosian and Serpentine Gallery. While I was at Momart I had the idea for The Piper Gallery. I left Momart in January 2011 and put on an exhibition at a temporary space in East London (a solo show of Vaughan Grylls' work) and opened on Newman Street in June 2012.    The Piper Gallery The Piper Gallery   What's an average day look like for you? I don't have average days - they're all very different - that's part of why I love what I do! My days involve studio visits, meetings with collectors and advisors, planning and developing the exhibition programme and private views.    When we came to the Mick Finch opening, we couldn't help but notice your impeccable dress sense. Describe your personal style. I don't know how best to describe it! I know what I like and what works for me. Jackets are my weakness - I can't seem to stop buying them. I like high waisted jeans, tailored trousers, high heels, silk shirts and round neck jumpers. There's a healthy dose of 80's inspiration in there - often in the form of shoulder pads and stone washed denim.    What's the weirdest thing that's happened at a Private View? Last year we had an exhibition of 70's abstract painting and went to a Greek restaurant for dinner after the private view. Plate smashing and Greek dancing followed the main course. The table next to us had paid to smash 1000 plates - that was pretty memorable, and noisy.    Have you got any exciting projects coming up? Yes - a sculpture this space.   Megan Piper Megan Piper   What type of Art interests you most? (Abstract/Prints/Photography/Painting etc etc) The programme reflects the work that I'm interested in. We show painting, sculpture and photography. I also love drawings.    Favourite piece on Rise Art? That's a tough call…I'd probably say Ah! Storm Clouds Rushed From the Channel Coasts by Patrick Caulfield. I saw his show at the Hayward when I was about 14 and it made such an impression. I've liked his work ever since and thought Tate's recent exhibition was brilliant.   Patrick Caulfield - Ah! Storm Clouds Rushed from the Channel Coasts Patrick Caulfield - Ah! Storm Clouds Rushed from the Channel Coasts   The Piper Gallery in 5 years? I've got lots of ambitions for the gallery and hope that these will be realised. I would like for the gallery to be included in the major fairs and believe that the idea behind the gallery has international potential.   And if you want to keep track of the best in Art and Design, Take our ART STYLE QUIZ and BECOME A MEMBER. It is free and you'll get access to the best new art from top Museums, Galleries and Artists.


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