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Somewhere over the Liquid Rainbow

Because we like colour and stuff, we blogged about Edwin Deen's liquid rainbow, which is in fact, a garden sprinkler. Liquid Rainbow plays with the tension that occurs when the sun on a rainy day sends its rays to the earth and fills the sky with the elusive promise of a rainbow.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 30 Sept 2013

Believe it or not, this curious, colour-distributing instrument was once, wait for it, a mere garden sprinkler. Netherlands-based artist Edwin Deen repurposed the garden appliance by calling upon the support of some colour pigment and a hose, in order to pursue his interest in physical processes and the use of everyday objects. The 'Liquid Rainbow' was exhibited at Barry at the W, Amsterdam in August 2012.

Rainbow Sprinkler 1

Raindbow Sprinkler 2

Rainbow Sprinkler 3

Rainbow Sprinkler 4

Rainbow Sprinkler 5

Via This is Collossal.

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