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Introducing: Anna Marrow

We speak to illustrator, printmaker and Central Saint Martins' alumni Anna Marrow, on her inspirations, commissions and being compared (weirdly) to Banksy.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 06 Aug 2013

In association with Gas Gallery, we introduce Central Saint Martins' alumni and eclectic printmaker, Anna Marrow. Anna has produced limited edition prints and paintings, commissioned and bought by a wealth of commercial retailers including Selfridges, Alias Hotels and the BBC. On top of this, Anna has cultivated illustrations for The Guardian, The Big Issue and Don't Panic Graphics.

The C olloseum by Anna Marrow

The Colloseum

Anna Marrow

What got your practice started?

I tried screen printing once at school, it was oil based, very smelly and took ages to clear up. I remember thinking, 'I'm never doing this again it's rubbish!' I tried it again on my BA and thought, this takes ages, and once more, I'm never doing it again! But I think my tutors liked my first prints, then I started noticing how the ink sits on the paper and how specific you can be about colour and line and ooh I was bitten by the bug. The drawing and painting was kick-started again during my MA when I got a bit bored of printing and started looking really closely at things and drawing them in biro like an A-level art student!

How do you find inspiration?

If i'm stuck for ideas, I find a walk around a city usually gives me some inspiration, or old national geographics, or car boot sale reference books, or an old glorious technicolor movie.

You do a lot of commissions, which has been your favourite so far?

My favourite commission so far was for a lovely hotel who sent me on a reference gathering trip to Sagres, in Portugal before commissioning 9 or 10 editions of prints. 

What's the funniest thing that has happened to you when showing your work in public?

Somebody once said my work was really like 'that  Banksy,' which isn't really funny - just strange.

What artists do you feel have most influenced your practice?

Paula Rego, Peter Blake, Michelle Thompson , Christine Berrie, Emma Stibbon and loads of people who's names I can't remember.

Snow Blind by Anna Marrow

Art Snow

Anna Marrow

What work of art would you most like to own?

I'd love to own a Paula Rego drawing or a Francis Bacon painting. 

Favourite city for culture?

It's got to be London!

What do you think makes an artwork successful?

The obvious things, colour, composition, space, drawing, combinations and contrasting marks and interesting content. 

Do you prefer working by commission or on your own personal practice?

It depends on the commission, sometimes it's great to be challenged by a brief, sometimes it's a bit of a pain!

What's in store for the second half of 2013?

I'm not sure if I can reveal that yet, partly as I don't know myself! 

Fly Around The Washing Machine by Anna Marrow

Fly Around the Washing Machine

Anna Marrow

Anna in the studio

Anna in the Studio

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