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Noir et Blanc

In a dramatic (yet effective) step back in time, the French photography festival, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'Arles opts for monochrome in celebration of its 44th birthday. We bring you our favourite 5 Black & White pieces exclusively from the Rise Art site.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 03 Aug 2013

First off we have Ian Maitland's Self Portrait, a powerful image and obviously taken on a day when Ian's self-confidence was on an all time low. Next up is a piece called Blake Garden Intervention, shot by Geoffery Ansel Agrons, a photographer who is concerned with, 'the uneasy coexistence between human populations and the natural world'. Beomsik Won's Archisculpture 003 is the artist's creative response to his experiences in London, whereas Paulina Wanowska's Angela ISN'T just Angela from next door lying on a step, it's actually part of a series titled 'Untypical People and Non-accidental Places'. This series sets together a person with a space and plays with the contraditions and manipulations of light and shadow, form and symmetry that arise in that situation. And finally Heath Ledger by Kelvin Okafor isn't even a photoraph, but it's so good it could be...

Self Portrait by Ian Maitland

Self Portrait Ian Maitland

Blake Garden Intervention by Geoffery Ansel Agrons

Blake Garden Intervention Geoffery Ansel Agrons

Archisculpture 003 Beomsik Won

Archisculpture 003 Beomsik Won

Angela Paula Wanowska

Angela Paulina Wanowska

Heath Ledger Kelvin Okafor

Heath Ledger Kelvin Okafor

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