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Video Pick: The Drawings of Stephen Walter

Stephen Walter creates pseudo-historical maps the merge our perception of a place and its reality.

By Rise Art | 18 May 2013

Stephen Walters incredible drawings are artifacts that captivate the viewer and hook you in. Regardless of how many times examined, his the intricate details, subject familiarity, and attention to detail pull the viewer in further. Each subsequent visit reveals new discoveries and details that continue to surprise.

Profiled in London's Guardian Newspaper in 2009, the artist had subsequently shown his work internationally, and is featured in the perminant collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, and the British Library amongst others.

We're extremely pleased to present a selection of the artists work on Rise Art. Here is the artist explaining how one of his latests works, Subterranea came to be.


The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle - Stephen Walter

Kensington And Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea - Stephen Walter


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