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Guest Collection: Home is where the Art is

Guest Curator Chris Watson of Love Home Swap takes a look at a combination of interesting buildings and cities where people live.

By Chris Watson | 23 Jan 2013

I love the concept of Rise Art. Sharing, swapping and renting are becoming huge trends online and I'm really into the idea of trying out different art without having to take the step of owning it first – much more flexible and much more fun!

At Love Home Swap, we're helping people swap their homes with others for free vacations. So naturally, when the team at Rise Art asked if we wanted to guest curate a collection, we jumped on the opportunity to showcase a themed exhibit around homes and the places people call home.

Rob Ryan

My Home by Rob Ryan

I love how many artists across the site are creating works that feature a combination of interesting buildings and cities. The works in this collection inspire exploration, with a bit of mystery and desire baked in.


Once upon a time by Kerry Royle

My favourite work in the collection has to be Once upon a time by Kerry Royle. Her use of colour and imagination bring the city and London, where I call home alive. I can't help admiring Chris Shaw Hughes wonderfully intricate New Pharaohs collection. One can appreciate the time and energy the artist commits to hand etching each piece when you look at the level of detail found in each individual stroke.

New Pharoahs - Totem by Chris Shaw Hughes

Chris Watson is a guest contributor. View the collection "Home is where the Art is" here

He currently works for Love Home Swap.




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