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Art Historian Christopher Lloyd's "analysis" of the Duchess of Cambridge Portrait

The painting, which was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery through the Art Fund comes with a delightful promotional video. Watch and learn.

By Rise Art | 15 Jan 2013

The recent unveiling of the Duchess of Cambridge's portrait commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery has caused quite a stir. Some, like the commissioning gallery, love the work, while others, mostly critics, have torn it to shreds.

Regardless, the Art fund, has thankfully put together a primer of the work, with historian Christopher Lloyd enlightening us with a review. 

The nearly 4 minute review has some real gems. Our favourite? Lloyd tells us "Don't let your eyes leave the painting without noticing the connection between Middleton's eyes and earrings. They are both circles"

Sheer genius.

What's your take on Middleton's new portrait? Let us know in the comments!

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