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Artist uses 45,000 plastic bags, pages from the Financial Times and reclaimed waste to create awe inspiring sculptures.

Robyn Woolstons sculptures feature found objects and waste to create overwhelming installations.

By Rise Art | 18 Sept 2012

Field of Dreams by Robyn Woolston

Installation artist Robyn Woolston works with 'waste' and found objects to create awesome sculptures. Like the one above using 45,000 plastic bags to completely reimagine physical spaces. The piece below utilizes Financial Times pages, children's fairy tale images and 241 reclaimed lanyard wallets. Robyn has been the subject of several gallery shows and residences.   

'Are you sitting comfortably?'by Robyn Woolston

The Waste

The Waste - Robyn Wooston

More of Robyn's work can be found by following Robyn on her Rise Art Channel or visiting her webiste:

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