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Banksy Celebrates the London Olympics with new work

Street Artist Banksy has created two new works advance of the Olympics

By Rise Art | 24 Jul 2012


Urban Street Artist Banksy this week released two new stencil works in advance of the Olympic Games. The images of a Pole Vaulter and another athlete "throwing" a missile have distinctive Olympic themes and feel to them.   Javelin Thrower meets Missile - via Banksy   Our team was amused at the media's response to the new releases - with Design Taxi claiming that "London officials would remove the work" in accordance with a recent ban prohibiting street art around the Olympics as originally reported in the Guardian.   Given that the location of the new works have not even been revealed or posted widely online, and no confirmed sightings have taken place to date, we're optimistic that removal plans are a bit premature. Pole Vaulter via Banksy   Banksy's work has long been sought after by collectors, celebrities and the urban street art junkie. Finding authentic Banksy artwork is often elusive, with many publishers and street hawkers taking advantage of the artists anonymity to publish prints and reproductions without the artists approval.   If you're a fan of Banksy and his work, don't miss the opportunity to view these original gems offered in conjunction with Helium Foundation No Ball Games by Banksy     And to discover the best ORIGINAL ART tailored to your taste, Take our Free ART STYLE QUIZ, become a member and get expert picks based on your unique taste in art!  

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