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Introducing: Anna Marrow

New to Rise Art, we talk to Gina Cross about Anna Marrow's work.

By Sophie Nibbs | 04 Jul 2012

New to Rise Art this week is the work of Anna Marrow, in partnership with GAS Gallery. Anna's work is concerned with finding beauty in the unexpected or mundanity of the every day. Working most often with silkscreen, Anna's pieces often contain splashes of colour contrasted with the precise mark marking of her illustrations. Her bold and often darkly comical pieces are a big favourite here at Rise Art.

Pigeon Power by Anna Marrow

We had a quick chat with Gina Cross from GAS Gallery about Anna's work.

How long have you been working with Anna Marrow and when did you first discover her work?

I have been working with Anna consistently over the past 3 years, but I first saw her work at her MA show when she graduated from Central St. Martins - it must have been around 2005/6. I always wanted to commission her for the Guardian (when I worked there) but never got the right job for her to do.

What in particular do you find appealing about Anna's prints?

I love Anna's use of colour combined with the dark humour that isn't always immediately apparent. Her work can range from decorative to being a little edgy in places with her use of motifs including hummingbirds, helicopters, televisions, ice cream vans and dancing people - sometimes all in the same image!

Mr Whippy by Anna Marrow

Is there one of her works you would consider your favourite?

I have a couple of favourites - her recent paintings are really interesting and I really love her new 'Fred Astaire' prints which I had to convince her to include in the collection as they're a little different and darker than her usual work.

I'm Putting on My Top Hat by Anna Marrow

For more information on Anna's work have a look at her Rise Art Profile and let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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