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Creative Gifts for Father's Day

Struggling for gift ideas? Our artists provide some inspiration with their creative suggestions.

By Sophie Nibbs | 13 Jun 2012

It's Father's day on 17th June and if you are still racking your brains for a great gift to show your dad just how much he means to you, look no further. We've asked some of the artists on Rise Art to share their ideas for creative gifts to inspire you.

Father's Day Collage

I Love my Daddy (2012), Theo and Seraphima Ogden

Rise Art's Marina Jijina suggests that a Father's day themed collage can make a great gift and also provide a great craft activity for the whole family. Marina has shared the collage she and her children Theo and Seraphima made for Father's day to give you an idea of what you can achieve with a pair of scissors, PVA glue, old magazines and a bit of creativity. We think it looks great!

Marina says, "Use your imagination and the materials you have chosen to create a unique representation of your dad, taking into account his hobbies,interests and memorable family events. Aim to make it cheerful and unpredictable!".

For further details about Marina's work see her Rise Art Profile.

Decorated Frame

Another great idea, from Gina Parr, is to decorate an old photo frame. You can use anything, found objects, paint, glitter or collage, Gina also suggests using the finished frame to surround a treasured family photo and including a personal message. Try to make it as unique as possible, perhaps including your Father's favourite colour or using objects that relate to a pastime he enjoys. This is a gift idea that can be adapted to suit any occasion or recipient.

Gina says, "Buy an old picture frame from a charity shop. Hand decorate the frame with paint or pieces of driftwood or even beer bottle tops".

For further details about Gina's work see her Rise Art Profile.

Family Archive

Memories: What remains, peeled photograph drawings, Alex March

Alex March's work on Rise Art focuses on memories and family so we thought she would be perfectly placed to provide some inspiration for a creative Father's day gift.  Her suggestion is one that stems from a recent family get together where all attendees were asked to bring a momento, photograph or anecdote to share. Connections and recollections could be compared and forgotten names and shared memories could be refreshed. As well as making for an enjoyable family occasion, photos and memorabilia can be scanned to create a digital album which could given as a gift and details could be added to an online family tree to share with family members from further afield. Why not use Father's day as an excuse to spend time together and rummage through those long-forgotten photo albums?

Alex says, "Family connections and roots make us who we are, and can tell us surprising things about ourselves, plus it's fun to share stories and see who inherited Great-Grandpas bushy eyebrows!"

For further details about Alex's work see her Rise Art Profile.



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