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Rise Art's pick of upcoming events

It's that time of the week again. Check out our pick of upcoming events including Hayden Kays new exhibition at Cob Gallery and The Affordable Art Fair in Bristol.

By Sophie Nibbs | 17 May 2012

As the week draws to a close, there's a lot to look forward to. Here is our pick of events from around the UK this weekend. Enjoy!


Edgar Martins - This is Not a House at The Wapping Project Bankside, London

Untitled (Connecticut, NE) by Edgar Martins

This is not a house is the result of a commission by The New York Time Magazine in 2008. In an attempt to explore the collapse of the US real estate market and the subprime mortgage crisis, Martins set about photographing abandoned houses, ski resorts, golf courses and other building projects. Spanning sixteen locations and six states This is Not a House surveys the in a way that goes beyond basic photojournalism. There has been controversy surrounding this particular series of work due to Martins' decision to digitally reshape some of the images, but it is perhaps this intervention that makes this body of work so compelling. Sitting somewhere between fact and fiction, the images make us confront the sometimes difficult relationship between the camera lens and reality. This is Not a House does not claim to be a documentary piece,  rather it illustrates and agitates issues surrounding economic crisis and urban decay. We highly recommend heading down to The Wapping Project Bankside to have a look for yourself.

The Wapping Project Bankside, 65a Hopton Street, London, SE1 9LR

09 May - 30 June 2012

For further details see the Rise Art Events page.


The Affordable Art Fair at Brunel's Old Station, Bristol

The Affordable Art Fair, London

The Affordable Art Fair has been bringing art into peoples home for over a decade. This weekend sees the fair and its 54 exhibiting galleries take up residence at Brunel's Old Station in Bristol. A chance to buy original artworks at prices to suit a more modest budget, the Affordable Art Fair is definitely the hot ticket this weekend. Don't forget to visit the DegreeArt stand who will be showcasing work by some of the most promising new graduates.

Brunel's Old Station, Bristol, BS1 6HQ 

18 May - 20 May 2012

For further details see the Rise Art Events page.


Subversion at Cornerhouse, Manchester

Circle of Confusion (1997) by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige

Manchester's Cornerhouse is currently showing Subversion, a group exhibition curated by Omar Kholeif. Featuring work by eleven emerging artists, Subversion has been curated with a desire to explore and rethink modern arab identity. Included in the exhibition is the award-winning project by Gaza artists Tarzan and Arab entitled Gazawood (2010), to be displayed alongside a series of cinema posters created for imaginary movies. The selected artists use installation, video, photography and sculpture to explore their own relationship with identity and culture. The show is ending on 5th June, so this weekend will make a good time to catch it.

Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5NH

14 April - 05 June 2012

For further details see the Rise Art Events page.


Hayden Kays - Household Name at Cob Gallery, London

One Day Too Many and a Thousand Not Enough by Hayden Kays

Hayden Kays' first solo show is opening on Saturday at London's Cob Gallery. A man of many talents, Kays uses sculpture, painting and printwork to deliver his mischievous  messages. While his work may be playful, it is also painfully honest, with titles like 'If You Remember Me Then I Do Not Care If Everyone Else Forgets'. Very consciously setting himself up as the joker of the pack, Kays' artists profile reads, "Hayden has a severe issue with authority. Hayden likes nothing more than to mock. Hayden likes nothing less than people who refer to themselves in the third person." Identity crises aside, we recommend a visit to Household name this weekend to see Kays' considered and humorous work.

Cob Gallery, 205 Royal College Street, London, N1 0SG

19 May - 09 June 2012

For further details see the Rise Art Events page.


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