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Our Picks: No Cigar Magazine

‘Close but No Cigar’. For us it’s not about winning the ‘Cigar’, it’s about your lifestyle and how you play the game.

By David Smith | 25 Apr 2012

Our friends at No Cigar recently launched their new lifestyle magazine started by two friends with a personal obsession for quality and individuality harbours an undying passion for style, beauty and everything good looking. The magazine features the latest in fashion, travel design and art from a global perspective. What could be better?


No Cigar features bloggers from all over the world as well as having a standard online magazine format. It's exceptional mix of everything beautiful makes for an engaging read and provides much needed inspiration.  We spoke to the guys, who told us.  "We like admiring the fashion trends, travelling to exotic locations, indulging in the fanciest of restaurants (or our own cooking), eyeing up art… you get the idea. So we thought, why not make this our thing? Why not make a brand that puts all these juicy parts of life together in one spot? A brand that emphasizes living in the moment and more importantly one that everyone’ll love to be a part of." 

What do yout think about the no cigar vibe? Let us know your comments in the footer.


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