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Rise Art & Alisn present the Tower Hamlets Spring Open

Join Rise Art and Alisn for the second annual Tower Hamlets Spring Open. The exhibition, in the beautiful Mile End Art Pavilion, runs from 28 March to 7 April. Themed Scale and Place, the Open consists of works from 12 artists chosen from hundreds of submissions by talented artists.

By Steven Nodot | 21 Mar 2012

Rise Art and are pleased to present the 2nd annual Tower Hamlets Spring Open. The exhibition, in the beautiful Mile End Art Pavilion, is themed Scale and Place and draws inspiration from the many unique aspects of life in the borough. Twelve artists were chosen to exhibit from hundreds of submissions by talented artists based in Tower Hamlets and beyond.  The exhibition kicks off with an artists preview evening on 28 March and runs through the 7th of April. On Sunday April 1st, the organisers have teamed up with Latitudinal cuisine for the 2nd annual Eat with Art where guests can sample different cuisines & cultures while taking in the art around them. The works of Rab Harling and Rachel Wilberforce (below) are just a sample of the work featured in this year's Open.  See below for event details and RSVP on Rise or head to for more information on the exhibition and the artists involved.


Inversion Reflection by Rab Harling
Balfron Tower, Poplar.  From the artist's statement:
"Balfron’s iconic design and architectural uniqueness have seen the tower become a powerful symbol from a bygone age of social planning and utopian urban idealism. This ‘brutalist’ concrete structure is often seen, and portrayed, as a vision of a society gone awry, in opposition to the planners’ and architects’ social intentions. The typical portrayal of the tower is from the impersonal, even chaotic exterior view, which neglects to take into account the considered and generously designed living accommodation and arguably more importantly the individual lives and stories of its community. I am taking a different approach to portraying the Balfron Tower. I plan to present the interior as a vertical map, exploring, depicting and cataloguing the human traces of its diverse community, essentially creating an inverted sculpture of the tower, as seen from the point of view of each resident."


Untitled 1 - Vanishing Point by Rachel Wilberforce
From the artist's statement:
"With a focus on the residual, absence and memory, her practice explores subjects of place, often on the periphery, and self, as arenas for deconstruction.  Drawing from issues of liminality, spectacularity and ritual, her work examines the transformative nature of her subjects, notably after an event or passage of time. Her practice concerns itself not with issues of reality nor fiction but rather, different modes of navigating a subject; the forensic, the social and the psychological.  Vanishing Point series examines the nature of theatrical internal spaces prior or post performance and when empty. The work engages with, and seeks to deconstruct issues of spectacularity and theatrical approach with a focus on the spectator/stage relationship."

Event Details:

Artists Reception: Wednesday 28 March 6-9pm
Exhibition Continues: 30 March - 7 April; Free Admission
Eat with Art: Sun 1 April, 12:30-4:00; Tickets: £7 
Gallery Open: Mon-Fri 2-6pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Address: Mile End Art Pavilion, Grove Road, E3 4QY

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