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Kenny Schachter Introduces his latest show - Friends and Family which will be held at his Rove Gallery and is co-curated by his two teenage sons Adrian and Kai. Runs Feb 25 - April 15.

By Kenny Schachter | 23 Feb 2012


They say you don’t choose your family and were they ever right, considering my parents, brothers, sisters (and kids). Like the invite/catalogue image itself, family and friends bring to mind rawness, commitment, love, pain and happiness.
Friends and Family are the best of times and the worst all wrapped up into one. This show I am curating along with my two sons Adrian (15) and Kai (14). Above all this show will celebrate the joy and fun involved in making things created by people we really care about and appreciate.
- Kenny
See below for the latest review by artnet:
The art world has no shortage of dynasties, and now London dealer Kenny Schachter wants to introduce us to his. At his Rove gallery, Schachter has co-curated an exhibition with his two teenage sons, Adrian, 15, and Kai, 14. Dubbed “Friends & Family,” Feb. 25-Apr. 15, 2012, the show features works by a definite A-list of artists, including Donald Baechler, Joe Bradley, George Condo, Tracey Emin, Mary Heilmann, Damien Hirst, William Pope.L, Rob Pruitt, Josh Smith and Keith Tyson.
Also included in the exhibition are works by Schachter’s four sons, as well as by his wife,Ilona Rich, who launched her thriving career in the East Village, where she showed at Gracie Mansion Gallery, and also put on art and fashion shows in Chelsea.
In the catalogue, Kenny Schachter names the Nahmads, Rubells, Berggruens, Mugrabis,Brants, Schnabels and Jacobsons as “legendary and heroic” families that “have vastly contributed to the history of art and this exhibit.” Indeed, Helly Nahmad, Allison Brantand Scott Jacobson all wrote essays for the “Friends & Family” catalogue. 
The work by the kids looks especially good. Adrian Schachter, who contributes a mason jar painted with spots of blue titled Jar of Tears (2012), recently spent a summer helping out at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Conn. He writes in the catalogue, “Ever since I can remember, I knew that I wanted to be somehow involved in art. I grew up constantly surrounded by it, both my parents are involved in it and, ironically enough, a large number of my friends are also into it.”
Added Kai Schachter, whose painting is more of the Neo-Expressionist variety, “What we are trying to do with this exhibit is to show that art is a huge part of our everyday lives, and, being brought up in a family obsessed with art, this has really helped me to put this into perspective.”



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