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Video Pick: Ting-Ting Cheng 'The Time Taken To Smoke A Cigarette'

In this weeks Video Pick we look at the video work of select artist Ting-Ting Cheng, with two videos from her ongoing series 'The Time Taken To Smoke A Cigarette'.

By Rise Art | 29 Nov 2011


In this week's Video Pick we have uploaded two excellent videos from select artist Ting-Ting Cheng.  They are from a video series entitled 'The time taken to smoke a cigarette', read what the artist has to say about the works below and see the rest of the series on her website here.   "The project includes stop motion videos consisted of images of different times of a day in various cities, exploring the 'model' and the similarities between metropolitan cities under globalisation.   The average length of time taken to smoke a cigarette is 11 minutes according to the research by British Medical Association. And smoking, as a way out of the tense and hustle everyday life, is used as a measurement towards the period of time taking the still images for the videos in the project. From dark to bright and back to dark again, the effect in the video is not actual sunrise and fall. It was made by the aperture and exposure time of the camera, constructing a fake and speedy 'day after day', imitating the pace of every big city. And the background sound is the recording in different locations while the artist was smoking, as breaks between works."


The time taken to smoke 2.36 cigarettes (23:03 - 23:29, Taipei)

The Time Taken To Smoke 1.82 Cigarette (21:43-22:03, Kunming)

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