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Introducing the Other Art Fair

In advance of the debut of the Other Art Fair, Rise Art sits down with Ryan Stanier to discuss the premier event in London.

By Rise Art | 14 Nov 2011

For emerging artists, the years immediately following graduation can be anxious times. Accessing the market and finding opportunities to show and exhibit work is often extremely challenging, especially for artists without gallery representation. A new London art fair, the Other Art Fair is providing unsigned artist a platform to exhibit their work to art buyers and gives access to the wider art industry. We sat down with founder Ryan Stanier to discuss the event which premiers November 24th-27th at the Bargehouse in London.

Legs and Drawers Series #2 by Rosie Emerson - Her work will be on display at the show

Rise Art: Welcome Ryan, tell us a little about The Other Art Fair – Who’s it for?
Ryan Stanier: The fair is open for an opportunity to directly interact with potential collectors, for galleries its an opportunity to discover new and unrepresented talent and for collectors to buy at very competitive rates that are sanctioned by artists not galleries.

RA: London is spoilt for choice when it comes to art fairs. Whats new about this?
RS: Our aim is to create an independent art fair that has its own set of values and standards but at the heart differs from other fairs as it's not gallery led. London remains as one of the most fertile cities in the world for emerging talent and there is an appetite for quality artwork.

RA: With 100 artists showing their work at the event, what should collectors expect when they arrive?
RS: The Other Art Fair is located in the fantastic Bargehouse located next to The OXO Tower and is a microcosm of contemporary British art.

RA: Any advice for first time art buyers going to the show?
RS: The most important thing is to buy what you like – we cannot emphasis this enough although saying that, knowing the difference between what you like or what you think you should like is really difficult.  So really what we ultimately suggest is to take a risk on buying someone new, someone that hasn’t been endorsed by commercial galleries etc.  This forces you to think about what you truly like -  You never know what the future will hold! 

We are trying at The Other Art Fair to give visitors the confidence to buy with their heart rather than being intimidated either from not buying or buying something they feel they should.   What makes the Other Art Fair different is that the artists are there for you to talk to so make the most of it.  Having a conversation with the artist gives you an insight into their work; how it was made, how long they have been working and what they are planning on doing next.

Tahnee Lonsdale's abstract paintings will be on display at the Other Art Fair

RA: Can collectors research the event online prior to the fair itself?
RS: We have lots of tips on our website and information on all the artists showing at the Fair so it is well worth doing some research beforehand. We will also be holding walkabout talks throughout the fair with emerging art curators that will give advice on buying and contemporary art which we hope will help and inspire the visitors. 

RA: Which are you looking forward to seeing at the show?
RS: Having just done a two day workshop with most of the artists I guess what I am really looking forward to is seeing them all again with their work. We are also working with incredible artists outside of the exhibitor list such as Jasper Joffe and Harry Pye as well as The multi-talented Robin Collective all of whom demonstrate the idea of merging art with life. It will be wonderful to see it all come together under one roof.


The Other Art Fair takes place October 24th-27th at the Bargehouse, OXO tower wharf
Rise Art artists Alma Haser and Tahnee Lonsdale will be participating at the fair. 

For tickets and information, visit the Other Art Fair website:



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