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'System History' with Jack Addis: Installation views

A couple of weeks back we informed you of our Select Artist upcoming show in Bristol. Do you want to know how it looks like? It's highly recommended, and it's here!

By Lorena Muñoz-Alonso | 19 Sept 2011

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the opening of 'System History', the group exhibition that our Select Artist Jack Addis currently is part of in Bristol.

In case you missed it, here you have some installation shots so you get an idea of how fantatic it looks. Showcasing works by three young artist, Jack Addis, Will Kendrick and Alex Cotterell, 'System History' explores the aesthetical and philosophical concerns of this emerging generation of artists born within the digital revolution.

System History is open until the 11 October. Do not miss if you have the chance!

 'Colour System' (2011) by Jack Addis, Alex Cotterell and Will Kendrick


'Logic Gate' (2011) by Will Kendrick

'Logic Gate' (2011) by Will Kendrick

 'Untitled, (Red, Green, Blue)' (2010) by Alex Cotterell

 'Over Flou' (2011) . Installation by Jack Addis and Will Kendrick

'Landscapes' (2011) by Jack Addis

'Landscapes' (2011) by Jack Addis

'Away from the Studio' detail (2011) by Alex Cotterell

'Away from the Studio' detail (2011) by Alex Cotterell


If you liked Jack Addis' work, you can buy his exclusive limited editions for Rise Art here and here.

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