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New Submissions - Jochen Klein

LCC Graduate Jochen Klein who recently joined Rise Art takes stunning photographs of landscapes constructed out of everyday objects.

By David Smith | 24 Aug 2011


Jochen relates his work to the concept of 'Bricolage' as described by Claude Lévi Strauss in the seminal 'The Savage Mind', as a kind of mythological thought arising from pre-existing things that surround the artist. There is an undeniable mythological element to these works. For instance, the series 'Deadly Mountains' takes its theme from a list discovered on the internet of the most deadly mountains on earth, these deadly mountains were then constructed out of everyday objects and photographed in the studio. The illusionary photographs are both beautiful and informed; placing the viewer in the position of having to question their own relationship to the landscape. 

Deadly Mountain 1 (Deadliest Mountain) 

Deadly Mountain 2

Untitled 6, from the series Tabletop

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