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Blog of the Moment: Is it Art?

Rise Art's Blog of the Moment is back! For this post we look at an ingeniously witty and highly amusing blog which takes a poke at famous artists including Jeff Koons.

By David Smith | 12 Aug 2011

The team at Rise Art are always on the lookout for blogs that capture trends and goings on in the art world. Recently, two bloggers in the US caught our eye with their satirical and humorous blog which focuses on the trivial and sometimes bizarre elements of contemporary art. 

'Is it Art or Fart?' was established as a conversational platform between 2 friends who live on opposite coasts of the United States and share an 'undying passion' (and in many cases disdane) towards contemporary art. 

The ironic blog shows the traces of their passion for art that they see in every day life; from wallpaper that looks like the work of Rudolf Stingel, to a photograph of a construction site that is evocative of the more recent sculptural work of American conceptual artist Chris Burden. The regular posts never fail to amuse and inspire debate as to what actually constitutes an object of art.

Here are a few of our favourite posts from the duo which show every day photos and the artworks they represent. 

Jenny Holzer from "Is It Art or Fart?" and Jenny Holzers "Selections from the Living".

James Franco from "Is It Art or Fart?" and Franco's "Melted House".

Jeff Koons from "Is it Art or Fart?" and Jeff Koons' "Balloon Dog (blue)"

If you haven't already, check out the blog here and incase you see any apparitions of contemporary art on your street, they also except submissions! 

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