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New Submissions - James Song

The Taiwanese artist use of raw, ordinary materials directly on the canvas forms the starting point of his work.

By Rise Art | 30 Jun 2011

Artist James Song quotes Francis Picabia when explaining his work - "The painter chooses something, and then he imitates what he has chosen, and finally deforms it. This last is where the art lies" For James, his choice is using raw materials found in his studios as the starting point for creating paintings that invite the viewer into immediate perceptual reality. With James's work however, what you see does not always reflect reality. Despite the three dimensional appearance, the material surface is actually flat - a trick of the eye. James's work communicates to the viewer imagination and memory via this tactile quality.

Obession by James Song (2008).  Oil and charcoal on canvas.

James earned his MFA ain 2002 at the City University of New York, and a PhD at Lancaster University in the UK in 2008. Learn more about James , by visiting his Rise Art channel and vote for his work if you want to see him as one of our next Select Artists!

Winter Impression by James Song (2010).  Oil and charcoal on canvas.

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