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Chris Shaw Hughes and ICA New Contemporaries

We are extremely proud to announce that Rise Artist Chris Shaw Hughes has been selected as part of the New Contemporaries 2010 edition. Read on!

By Rise Art | 03 Dec 2010

The Institute of Contemporary Art in London features annually the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, a highly regarded exhibition showcasing a snapshot of today's emerging art landscape. Originally established in 1949 - it's 2010 edition features 49 artists from across the UK working across all media. It offers recent graduates and art students essential support and recognition at a crucial stage in their development.

One of the artists selected for the 2010 exhibition is Chris Shaw Hughes, who is also a Rise Art Select Artist. The selection confirms Chris's place amongst the new wave of challenging contemporary artists. Chris' work deals with 'places of trauma'. His drawings are extremely detailed and challenge the viewer to look deeper into the significance of recent historical events. Hughes connects the past and present in his recent series "The New Pharaohs", comparing and contrasting monuments to power in todays world with those of ancient Egypt.

The panel for the 2010 exhibition consisted of former Turner Prize Winner Mark Leckey, Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri and the rising-star artist Dawn Mellor.

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