You Are Actually Here

by Henry Rowsell

Painting - 75.0cm x 90.0cm x 6.0cm


ships ready to hang

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  • You Are Actually Here

    Movement, energy, coastal wildness. Painted on a found table-top this is a bold artwork that takes the old life of an object into its new life as a painting.

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    Henry Rowsell

    Henry Rowsell lives and works in the city of Brighton & Hove. Over the years his work has been selected for numerous exhibitions in Liverpool, London, Sussex and Bern, Switzerland, as well as shown in numerous local gallery spaces, open studio shows and art fairs. He is currently a member of the Red Herring studio cooperative, one of the city’s longest-standing art groups.

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    Original Art
    Painting > Oil Painting
    75.0cm x 90.0cm x 6.0cm
    Ready to hang
    Oil and mixed media, collage on board (found object, table-top).
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