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      Hygge Art

      Aimee Morris

      Curated by Aimee Morris

      Get on board with the latest lifestyle trend with our collection of Hygge Art. It’s a movement that’s sweeping the nation, inspiring everything from interior design to personal philosophies and lifestyle approaches. Hygge is all about creating a warm and inviting environment to keep out the chill of winter, so expect to find paintings, collages and photography that uplift both the mind and soul.

      The term Hygge comes from Danish and is difficult to translate directly into English, but can be described as a feeling of cosiness and contentment that is considered to be characteristic of this Nordic culture. Given the cold climate of unforgiving winters, it’s no surprise that the Danes have focused their attention on indoor living, creating an atmosphere that draws you in from the cold and provides comfort throughout the darkest days.

      If you’re after a new piece to brighten up your collection or are just taking your first steps on your art collecting journey, our selection of Hygge Art is a great place to start. Choose from a diverse range of art from some of the most exciting artists practising today, working in a range of different mediums and styles. Our handy filter functions make it easy to narrow down your search according to your needs so that you can find a piece that’s right for you.

      The idea of bringing the outdoors in with the help of plants is central to the hygge lifestyle, and that extends into the realm of art as well. If this sounds like your taste, then have a look at the art of Robert Pereira Hind, an Edinburgh-based artist with an interesting approach. Using photographic ink pigment on gilded backgrounds, he creates images of nature that will slowly oxidise and change in appearance over time, just as the natural world does. There’s a warm and bright feel to all of these pieces, offering the perfect dose of hygge for your home.

      Another key feature of hygge art is a focus on warm colours and hues. Kenyan artist Paresh Nrshinga demonstrates this with her approach to abstract art, which makes use of a vibrant colour palette to communicate her artistic vision. We love her mixed media approach in pieces such as Lilac Mist, made using acrylic paints and gold leaf to create a bright and uplifting effect that contrasts beautifully against the blue tones of the piece.

      Using clean lines and simple colour palettes, Mat Cahill creates intriguing illustrations that would fit in perfectly with any hygge home. Citing influences such as David Hockney and Damien Hirst, for whom he acted as an assistant, Mat’s signature style and intriguing subject matter draws the viewer in and invites them to explore further. These pieces are not just aesthetically appealing, they also engage with social issues such as individuality and our place in an increasingly modernising society. We love his approach to human subjects, who are often depicted as part of huge crowds and may not be individually distinguishable.

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