14. Aug. 2013 — 15. Nov. 2013

To the Light Exhibition. Rosalind Davis Solo Show

Lordship Lane , London


‘...There’s a note of the elegiac here – a contemplative sadness for a past and absent moment of violence – but also hope, beauty and a sensitivity " Tom Jeffreys, Wild Culture. Read the full interview here This exhibition by Rosalind Davis takes as its starting point depictions of destruction from the 2011 summer riots. Addressing the possibility of transformation and reparation of space through acts of creativity, Davis’s mixed-media paintings portray an unfolding, complex set of possibilities for both physical and psychological space. ‘ The environments she represents are but support structures, as the artist envisions the identities and the human experiences that animate the edifices; their spatial compression and other-wordliness, their conceptual meshings are mended and/or supported through stitching, as well as being somewhat transformed when their painted surfaces melt into, soak and stain the backdrop.’ Becky Hunter The body of work in this exhibition moves from representational spaces to more complex abstracted landscapes which are all informed by architectural sources. These resultant spaces she paints are sensitive and complex, tense and serene with a fragile sense of stability. Using a range of surfaces; paint, photography, drawing, vinyl adhesive and embroidery Davis creates paradoxical visionary landscapes and structures. Interior and exterior space are both suggested and physicalised through a process of emergent materialisation.

Datum und Uhrzeit

Mi., 14. August 2013 - Fr., 15. November 2013
13:00 - 17:00


Lordship Lane
N17 8NU London