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26. Jan. 2017 — 18. Feb. 2017


Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge



This isn’t a ghost story.
It’s a story of latency and the polyphonic narrative that is each of us.

2 January 2017, Cambridge: The world seems to have come unhinged. But no matter what perspective one views world events today, there is no denying the hidden narratives that make up our points of view. The conflicting turbulence or relative serenity of these narratives and the manner of their synthesis which results in change is the subject of Phantom. The specific narratives don’t matter, what does matter is the fact that we all experience this latent process of synthesis; multiple (polyphonic) ‘voices’ which influence our development and ultimately form us as individuals. The curious thing about this process of unique development, it means that we are also enmeshed in a network that contains us for the whole of our lives. Phantom seeks to explore this in an unusual way.

The artists of Phantom have been asked to produce three to five works based on a single work selected by curator and fellow exhibiting artist, Jane Boyer. The artists have eagerly engaged in this process of reworking, reiterating, recycling, reimaging, resampling, and appropriating their own work in order to explore this process of translation and synthesis of the polyphonic narrative. This should present a deep resonance within the small sampling of each artist’s works in the exhibition.

Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University is host to Phantom. Boyer is a Fine Art doctoral student at CSA, and Phantom is the second case study for her thesis, The I that I Tell: an autobiographical tale of a simulacral self when the I-curator curates the I-artist. Her research asks if there is a relationship between autobiography and simulacra, and how it may affect views of self in artist/curator practice.

Exhibiting artists: Kirsty Harris, Marion Piper, Tim Skinner, Rachel Smith, Caroline Jane Harris, Julia Court, Kate Palmer, Niki Hare, Holly Rowan-Hesson, and Jane Boyer.

A project symposium is also planned. Poet/performer Caron Freeborn, author of George Perec is my Hero, has been invited by Boyer to compose three to five poems based on the project premise. Freeborn will perform these new works as the keynote address for the symposium, which will be followed by a group discussion of the project.


Exhibition Details:
Exhibition Date: 26 Jan to 18 Feb 2017
Opening Reception: 26 Jan, from 5 to 8pm
Gallery Hours: 10am to 4:30pm, Mon to Sat
Location: Ruskin Gallery
Cambridge School of Art
Anglia Ruskin University
East Road
Cambridge CB1 1PT
Exhibition is free and open to the public.

Symposium Details:
Symposium Date: 8 Feb 2017
Time: 2pm
Location: COS117
Symposium is free and open to ARU and Cambridge University students and staff.

Contact: Jane Boyer
Mobile: 07496420434

Datum und Uhrzeit

Do., 26. Januar 2017 - Sa., 18. Februar 2017
17:00 - 17:00


Anglia Ruskin University
CB1 1PT Cambridge

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