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Ronald Hunter


Ronald Hunter is a Dutch artist who worked for many years as a graphic designer before devoting himself to painting. Elements of urban space, revisited Within the same stylistic realm as Street Art, the inspiration for Ronald Hunter’s paintings comes from posters he finds in urban spaces. He then super-imposes layers of paint, plays on textures and typographical incorporation in order to reproduce the visual effect of the stacked, layered and torn posters. The reflection of one’s own state of mind Ronald Hunter creates compositions with abstract colours and shapes. Through quick and accentuated brushstrokes, the layers of colour give the impression of movement. The colours in every work evoke a sense of texture and depth. The artist’s paintings bring an energetic yet serene atmosphere to the surrounding space depending on the way they’re viewed. One could look at the same work ten times and see something new every single time.

Œuvres sélectionnées

Boiling Bubbles Square XL

Peinture - 120x120 cm


Peinture - 110x90 cm

Traffic Pink Landscape 50

Peinture - 50x150 cm

Boiling Bubbles Original

Peinture - 120x80 cm

Boiling Bubbles Red & Blue

Peinture - 90x90 cm

Diamond Star

Peinture - 90x90 cm

Traffic Sunny & Brown

Peinture - 90x90 cm


Peinture - 90x90 cm

Traffic Pink Landscape

Peinture - 70x140 cm

Untitled in Yellow XL

Peinture - 120x120 cm

Traffic Square Grey

Peinture - 85x85 cm

Traffic Natural L

Peinture - 95x145 cm

Mr Greenfield

Peinture - 120x80 cm

Traffic FC #1

Peinture - 80x80 cm

Circle in Circle Blue & Camel

Peinture - 90x140 cm

Traffic Pink Square

Peinture - 85x85 cm

Untitled in Blue & Grey

Peinture - 110x90 cm


Peinture - 100x100 cm

La vague en camel

Peinture - 85x85 cm

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