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Jill Dowell


Jill Dowell's journey to her career as a fine artist began with various forms of artistic engagement and expression. From a young age, she showed a great love and talent for music and followed her path to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree in Applied Voice from the University of Illinois, studying with the famous and beloved baritone, William Warfield. His academic pursuits included the study of French, Italian and German, as well as philosophy, all of which ultimately contributed to the visionary aspects of his creations. Through these experiences, and with the guidance of a beloved artistic mentor, the stage was set for the development of her personal expression as a fine arts painter. The work Jill creates as an abstract painter reflects the integration of aspects of sound and color. Rhythm and movement are the guiding elements of each composition she creates. Modern and contemporary, Jill's work is both sophisticated and bold, while embracing organic elements. Through the use of bright colors, textures and movement, she follows her intuitive process to produce a composition, inspiring a shared emotional response. Jill lives and works in Paris.

Œuvres sélectionnées

In a Soft Voice par Jill Dowell

In a Soft Voice

Peinture - 40x30 cm
Makeup Tutorial par Jill Dowell

Makeup Tutorial

Peinture - 40x30 cm
Three Birds par Jill Dowell

Three Birds

Peinture - 40x30 cm
Cloudy Day par Jill Dowell

Cloudy Day

Peinture - 30x40 cm
In the Driver's Seat par Jill Dowell

In the Driver's Seat

Peinture - 30x40 cm
Green-eyed Beauty par Jill Dowell

Green-eyed Beauty

Peinture - 40x30 cm
Fatherly Advice par Jill Dowell

Fatherly Advice

Peinture - 40x40 cm
The Sweetest Flower par Jill Dowell

The Sweetest Flower

Peinture - 40x30 cm
Jumping through Hoops for Love par Jill Dowell

Sailing Away

Peinture - 30x40 cm

Modern Delilah

Peinture - 40x30 cm

Orchestral Warmup

Peinture - 30x40 cm

Happy Dance

Peinture - 40x30 cm

Just the Thought of You

Peinture - 40x30 cm


Peinture - 30x30 cm

Year of the Dragon

Peinture - 30x40 cm

Sunday Bouquet

Peinture - 30x30 cm

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