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Well Well


After a career in graphic design in his own studio in London, where he designed large-scale animations and projections, Ian Palmer's experience has encompassed a range of design disciplines. This career has now taken a new direction by moving away from the confines of the corporate world. Well Well now practices his craft in a world of forgotten comic book faces and hand-drawn metaphors for the modern world. He uses acrylic, oil, spray paint, stencils, pencil and collage to create abstract and multi-coloured pop art. Abstract backgrounds are covered with line drawings of dogs, bones and skulls as metaphors for human existence. Brushstrokes, decorative markings and the addition of images from old magazines complete the multiple layers and complete Well Well's colourful vision of the world.

Œuvres sélectionnées

dogbop par Well Well


Sculpture - 60x32 cm
Shooting Fish Everyday par Well Well

Shooting Fish Everyday

Peinture - 248x144 cm
Not Real Not Art (Coral) par Well Well

Not Real Not Art (Coral)

Numérique - 57x38 cm
Home Grown & Processed par Well Well

Home Grown & Processed

Peinture - 113x122 cm
Bombsquad Analogue - scribble par Well Well
Boop-oop-a-doop. par Well Well


Peinture - 152x110 cm
The Sun Is Often Out. (GoldMan) par Well Well
Nothing To See Here par Well Well

Nothing To See Here

Peinture - 115x124 cm
Tick Tock par Well Well

Tick Tock

Peinture - 70x50 cm
Icon par Well Well


Peinture - 68x80 cm

Snacky Tick Tock Red & Gold

Peinture - 100x70 cm

Ghost Bunny (vacant)

Peinture - 70x50 cm


Peinture - 119x119 cm

Blooming Hell!

Peinture - 144x150 cm

Goldman Digital

Edition - 58x35 cm

Blue Period Dog - Blue Dog

Peinture - 70x50 cm

Raw and Cooked

Peinture - 93x115 cm


Peinture - 91x91 cm

Untitled (Manifesto...!)

Peinture - 99x228 cm

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