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ian palmer


Graphic designer, software developer, draftsman and artistic director, Ian Palmer has always been a “creator”. Born in London in 1964, he moved to the hills of Lomagne with his family in 2005 and opened his studio wherein he gives life to his works which are driven by abstraction. The journey to dreamlike representation In his creations, Ian Palmer favours movement. This allows the viewer’s gaze to escape their immediate surroundings and for their mind to travel into a dreamlike atmosphere. The artist’s vision is to create a space of freedom of expression and emotion. Through the use of a brush, knife or sponge, he transforms his canvases into a space that is conducive to the vagrancy of the mind. A perfect control of the balance of the composition offers a simple space where one can contemplate and acknowledge their emotions. The state of our souls, an appropriation Ian Palmer’s states of mind are reflected in all of his works. Through lyrical abstraction, he arouses feelings, expressing his thoughts on the social and political events happening around him. The artist’s energy conveys a message that is free to be interpreted however the viewer would like - it is an expression that can be re-appropriated for all.

Œuvres sélectionnées

River Edge par ian palmer

River Edge

Peinture - 100x200 cm
Chateaux Wood, Ypres 1917 par ian palmer

Chateaux Wood, Ypres 1917

Peinture - 100x143 cm
Further than (I ever was) par ian palmer

Further than (I ever was)

Peinture - 100x70 cm
Bone Club Yard par ian palmer

Bone Club Yard

Peinture - 104x104 cm
Every promise made... par ian palmer

Every promise made...

Peinture - 70x50 cm
Biscuit par ian palmer


Peinture - 100x100 cm
Rizzle par ian palmer


Peinture - 104x104 cm
Always Present Always There... par ian palmer

Always Present Always There...

Peinture - 120x120 cm
Tweeter par ian palmer


Peinture - 100x100 cm
Everything & Anything par ian palmer

Everything & Anything

Peinture - 94x231 cm


Peinture - 100x100 cm

Composition No.20 (Surge)

Peinture - 70x50 cm

Untitled: Thamyris

Peinture - 140x120 cm


Peinture - 95x85 cm


Peinture - 100x100 cm

Behind the Sun

Peinture - 100x70 cm

Untitled: 10

Peinture - 70x50 cm

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