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Celebrating Artist Achievements

We asked our artists what they're most proud of from the last few months, and we want to take an opportunity to show them off. • Angela Edwards had work selected for both the Derwent Art Prize 2020 and the ING Discerning Eye exhibition 2020 • Katherine Lubar received a Pollock-Krasner Grant at the end of 2020 • Clare Haxby's painting of Liberty of London was selected by the team at the iconic department store as a winner in their ArtCall • Trudy Montgomery was recently interviewed for the ArtSpeak vlog • Lisa Traxler received an Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant • Frank Creber managed to be involved with two physical shows in London & Gibraltar despite restrictions • Ariadna Dane has been commissioned by Saga and SMC Art to create two large scale diptychs for their new ship • Holly Bennett was selected for the Crafts Council "Future Edit" Exhibition at their new gallery in London • Geoffrey Ansel Agrons was Awarded Honorable Mention in an upcoming international juried photography exhibition in Minneapolis • Peter Horvath: My work, part of the Art Gallery of Hamilton's permanent collection is presently exhibiting • Sarah Emily Porter: was commissioned to make her largest painting yet for the Penthouse at the Nobu Hotel Portman Square London • Michelle Hold organised a permanent installation in her Italian home town • Andrew Lever was nominated for the 15th Annual Black And White Spider Awards • Kimberly Poppe was commissioned both as an artist & curator to work on Brittany Ferries' newest ship • Barry Davies was nominated for the Visual Artists Association Emerging Artist Finalist Award 2020 • Gina Parr's photographs were used on the set of Channel 4's 'This Way Up'

Curated by Verity Babbs


Humans, like most animals, are gregarious - in general, we tend to enjoy company. Whether we're talking about intimate moments with loved ones or crowded spaces with strangers, we are at home in company. Being social is part of makes us who we are, and central to how we make sense of ourselves. Until last year, we took opportunities to be social for granted. Since lockdown has taken them (or at least the traditional ones) away from us, we have been forced to spend more time thinking about who we are when we're alone. Paintings like Grounded by Lisa Kellner and Pear by Leila Fanner express a mindful attitude to the current moment. Keelertornero and Clinton Kirkpatrick's surreal takes on introspection feel more chaotic in comparison. Mat Cahill's Social Patchwork and Frank Creber's East India DLR look to a future when we will return to the social conditions that we are used to.

Curated by Phin Jennings

Curator's Picks

For many, the purpose of art is to reflect the world. For others, art is supposed to conceal the world. These artworks do a bit of both. Some represent objects in abstract terms, making us look closer at them by questioning their concrete identities. For example, Michael Coppelov's Non-stop Cactus stretches its subject until its contours form a network of tactile lines. Similarly, Tracy White Fitzgerald's ...in a concrete jungle... turns a tower block into a painterly yet uniform grid of colour. Others subvert the viewer's expectations by concealing one representation with another. Lee Ellis playfully turns his Francis Bacon to a Spiderman portrait, whilst KEELERTORNERO's mock-family portrait is gatecrashed by a line-up of disconserting characters. All of these works exemplify the power of art to communicate ineffable feelings and realities by refusing to represent its subject matter in a straightforward way.

Curated by Phin Jennings

Investing in the Home

In this collection we are showcasing some larger-scale pieces and sculptures with which you can invest in your home collection. The works shown here are often abstract and colourfully subtle, allowing you to endow the piece with new connotations in its new home.

Curated by Verity Babbs

Festive Gifts

This Festive Season we've gathered together a selection of works that reflect the changing weather, the spirit of merriment, and the colours of Christmas. Seçil Erel’s ‘Coherence 4’ bursts with a typical festive colour scheme and an almost stained-glass window effect, combining beautifully the traditional with the abstract. Mazen Khaddaj’s ‘One With The Universe’ embodies what Christmas means to many: connecting with those we love and a time for retrospection. Charlotte Evans’ ‘Glow’ is reminiscent of Winter strolls, and the cool dazzling light and early darkness of the last months of the year. One line cut down: This Festive Season we've gathered together a selection of works that reflect the changing weather, the spirit of merriment, and the colours of Christmas.

Curated by Verity Babbs