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NOVA 236



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The artist Nova offers an apparent simplicity through his works. Simple sets although mysterious, trivial although poetic, familiar although insuffers. We would like to be able to be part of the decor of these works which invite us to contemplation and meditation.
On the border of figurative and the abstract: freedom
According to the artist, figurative painting can transcend reality through its realism, and bring a notion other than descriptive. The abstract painting can erase the suggestive elements of reality, without losing ground, without forgetting the concern of reality and his experience.
In both cases, we can even say that the border is a space of freedom: that of creation. Thus, according to Nova, painting is not in the choice of a figurative or abstract camp.
Purification to enhance an ideal
On the theoretical level, nova practices this abstraction in the etymological sense of the term. By a composition which generates meaning without referring directly to the concrete first. Then, by an idealization of forms and lines which allow the representation of a subject.
By that the subject is no longer a simple object, but a story, a pictorial discourse. Painting is for her a language in the strict sense, which is not content to seek the trace of the world as it is offered to our eyes.
Silence in the center of his works
The artist composes images in this series of works with a simplification process. Indeed, the works are always very stripped, and include few elements, whether decorative or ornamental.
Nova's art appears as an art of subtraction. His work is similar to a silent theater where each canvas is a thought and chopped staging.

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