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Styling with art: Marble

This week, we take a look at how to style with a marble artwork. Chris Mitton's sculpture 'Brick' is hand carved from the same marble favoured by the masters. Now, when using marble, we can run the risk of making a room look like it belongs in a Greek restaurant, but between Chris's tounge-in-cheek work and making sure you keep things fun and playful, there's no need.

By Ruth Reyes | 02 Jul 2014

When some someone says marble, immediately the mind wanders to ancient Greece...or beautiful marble bathrooms, all super luxurious and sometimes rather cold. So, instead of staying in the traditional vein, we decided to style the marble sculputre by Chris Mitton'Brick', a fun, tounge-in-cheek sculpture using the same Carrara marble (the favoured stone of the Renaissance masters) in a funky living space. 

Chris Mitton

When it comes to marble, we thought the best idea would be to run in the opposite direction of tradition and mix it with funky colours and luxurious textures like velvet. We love the House of Hackney velvet cushion and the Everett loveseat (also in a lush indigo velvet) for this added layer of texture. The velvet will warm up the marble and bring a great contrast to it. We threw in a marble wall clock to call back to the sculpture and in a nod to the ancient masters, a pointed finger coat hook - it may not be marble, but it certainly is a throwback! A multi patterned rug will bring together all the blocks of colour, but more importantly, be a funky contrast to the cool marble. Remember to think outside of the box with your art, you want it to stand out! 

1. Brick by Chris Mitton 

2. Everett loveseat available at West Elm

3. Roll table Tom Nixon by Made in Design

4. House of Hackney medium teal inferno velvet cushion available at Liberty

5. Menu marble while tall clock available at Heals

6. Harlequin rug from Arro Home

7. White point coat hook from Liberty

8. The Drop chair from The Republic of Fritz Hansen 

9. 28.1 single pendant-brown from twentytwentyone


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