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Preview: The Other Art Fair

Now in its second year and billed as 'the smarter way to buy art', this week sees The Other Art Fair take place at London's Ambika P3 gallery. Rise Art presents our pick of some of the most exciting artists to look out for.

By Sophie Nibbs | 09 May 2012

Being only in its second year, The Other Art Fair is London's newest art fair. Aiming to cut out the gallery as a middle man, it allows 100 selected artists to sell their works directly to art buyers. It also allows visitors to engage with the artists themselves, providing a fresh spin on the established model of the art fair. With last year's fair being a huge success, 2012's The Other Art Fair looks set to deliver another strong selection of emerging artists. Here is our pick of some of the most exciting emerging talents to watch out for.


Gina Parr

Exmouth to Waterloo, by Gina Parr

Dealing with sometimes painful memories of past events and undoubtedly inspired by recollections of dramatic sea spaces and wild moorland from growing up in Devon, Gina Parr's work is both challenging and engaging. A recent series, photographs resulting from travels in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos showcase Parr's painterly eye as she focuses her lense upon marks on walls and surfaces. Parr describes them as being "edolent of things half remembered, some resemble fragments of old charts and maps, others feature overt elements of graphic representation."

For further information about Gina Parr's work, visit her Rise Art Profile.



São Paulo Series II, by Jaykoe

Jaykoe's work stems from a self-confessed fascination with the built urban environment and the centres that humans construct around them. Heavily informed by psychogeographic theory and urban planning, Jaykoe uses a variety of mediums to create a body of work that traces and creates movement and interventions within a city scape. Particularly striking are the works from the São Paulo Series, featuring digital photographs of the city's rooftops printed directly onto brushed gold aluminium. The resulting images create distance between the viewer and the city scape and yet manage to conjure the oppressive nature of Brazil's largest urban centre in mid-summer.

For further information about Jaykoe's work visit their The Other Art Fair Profile.


Nicola Anthony

Rubik's Years by Nicola Anthony

This year has seen Nicola Anthony's work exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery in London's Hyde Park, as well as being featured in several shows in the USA. Anthony often works by combining small components together in order to create structures that are organic and yet regimented. An example of this approach is her recent series of works entitled Rubik's. Paying homage to the iconic structure of the Rubik's cube, the work consists of a tower of shimmering crystals, each with a singular date embedded. Invoking the dialectical randomness and order that characterises the iconic cube, when viewed from a specific angle, the dates appear to line up and form a hovering circle. It is this playful mix of chaos and order that makes Anthony's work so engaging.

For further information on Nicola Anthony's work visit her The Other Art Fair Profile.


Raj Kaur

Wonderful Night, by Raj Kaur

Fine artist and graphic designer Raj Kaur's figurative work focuses on capturing movement, meaning that music is integral to her practice. Working from live models in a studio setting, Kaur creates drawings on paper that are full of life and spontaneity. Light brush strokes that drift across the page are accompanied by heavier mark making that punctuates and adds a beat to moments of fluidity. Kaur's colour palette is mindful of her Indian heritage and she utilities dramatic injections of eye-catching hues to add a further dimension to her work. This will be Kaur's second year at The Other Art Fair, having exhibited at the inaugural fair in November 2011.

For further information about Raj Kaur's work, visit her Rise Art Profile.

Dont forget to check out the profiles of Rise Art's other exhibiting artists, Jayne Anita Smith and Tahnee Lonsdale.


The Other Art Fair is taking place at the Ambika P3 Gallery 10-13 May. Tickets are available from £6 in advance. 

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