'Snap shot' (Unknown)

by Mat Cahill

Drawing - 15.0cm x 15.0cm

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  • Scott Phillips

    Curator Scott Phillips says:

    "Matt Cahill is a contemporary artist and former assistant to Damien Hirst. His works address social issues such as anonymity, individuality and the phenomenon of the crowd. Mat asks us to look closely at the unique units within the mass, to notice their differences and nuanced distinctions, and celebrate individuals while recognising their relationship with society."

    Need to know

    • Cahill's father was an art teacher and potter. It's in the blood - look out for Mat's ceramic pieces!
    • He runs Creative Education consultancy, bringing art into schools and the community
    • Cahill worked as Damien Hirst's painting assistant in Devon
  • 'Snap shot' (Unknown)

    These small drawings in paint on cardboard are extensions of my snap shot series and are my first exploration drawing with paint for six years.

    Mat Cahill

    Mat Cahill focuses on human figures, particularly grouped in queues, crowds or grids. It can take up to 400 hours to create a single work.

    Individual identities can fall away in a crowd. Cahill's illustrated faces and figures represent all the strangers we might see in a day, and the way we think of people in groups. He celebrates and documents people, sometimes reclaiming individuality by capturing character in a few deft lines. Other times, he reduces people to a sketchy anonymity. Always, he's questioning what it is to be an individual in society.

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    Original Art
    15.0cm x 15.0cm
    Ready to hang
    Acrylic Paint on Cardboard

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