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About the Art

The mesmeric presence of a moonlike underworld landscape, completely absent of light, is explored. From mining, to munitions storage the hollow space lays abandoned, its transformation now interminable. Entered from a private hillside in Caumont, France the transition from light to dark is a visceral distilling experience. The empty voids of negative space step in front of building-sized rocks and distort perceptions and heighten awareness.

Curator Insights

Nick Kaplony

Nick Kaplony said:

"I’m really excited by these images. Forgive the terrible pun, but there’s a real sense that these landscapes are psychologically (and literally) charged with significance. Which images are going to be chosen?"

Stephen Beddoe

Stephen Beddoe said:

"These meticulously researched and prepared photographs result in works of great elemental depth and beauty – the rock, caves and earth absorb the colour to such a degree that one has (literally) to search for the light, drawing the viewer further into the work and world of Rochowski "

About the Artist

Born of Malaysian, English and Polish heritage in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in 1981, Nick Rochowski is a London based photographer. His artistic practice involves extensive observation and explorative research of a historical or changing landscape, built environment or interior space. The work…

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