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Registered since 2010

Slaven Gabric

from London, United Kingdom

EXHIBITIONS ------- March 2017-The End Is By Yur - Elysium Gallery, Swansea, UK //// May 2016 - Krakow Photomonth - DER GREIF A Process 2.0 Krakow, Pol //// Foto39- Distances-Fringe Arts Bath,UK////Schwartz gallery,LondonUK/////Bloc Projects Gallery - Billboard Project comission - Sheffield, UK ////// Begehungen - Kulturfestival - Chemnitz, Germany //////// Charlie Dutton Gallery - Photomedia Salon Show , London,UK //////// TactileBOSCH Gallery -CITIZEN-Painting, Print & Drawing…

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Artwork by Slaven Gabric