The insider shortcut to choosing and collecting contemporary art

We all know that art can be beautiful, inspiring and fun, but throw a coin in any gallery you like and chances are you’ll hit someone prepared to tell you that buying art can be an ordeal. The art world is complicated: there are so many artists working today that finding the right work can be like looking for a needle in a hay wain.

And then, of course, there’s the money: how do you know if that canvas you’ve got your eye on is really worth its £500 – or £5,000 – price tag? And even if it is, are you still going to enjoy looking at it on your living room wall in six months’ time?.

In short: how do you know where to start?

Easy. Start Here

We created Rise Art because we believed there was an easier way for people interested in contemporary art to access works that they loved – simply, online and without fear of being intimidated, ripped off, or stuck with something they didn’t like.

Think of us as your personal art concierge (but without the suit). With Rise Art, you can buy or rent from thousands of works by some of the most exciting up-and-coming and established contemporary artists practising today – every one of them hand-picked by our expert team of art insiders. That’s a lot of choice, of course, which is why we’ve made sure you can quickly search for exactly the sort of thing you’re looking for, whether you’re décor-matching, exploring a theme you’re interested in, or just trying to stick to a budget.

You can even create your own tailor-made shortlist of recommendations by taking our art quiz. As you explore Rise Art, and start to follow our artists and favourite the pieces that you like, we’ll update your list with recommendations that match your tastes. (And if you don’t trust the computer to do it, we have real-life human advisors just a phone call or email away.)

When you find an artwork you like, you can buy it – and frame it – quickly and easily in our online store (or, if you want to try it out first and see it first hand, why not rent it?). And if it turns up and you hate it? No worries; just send it back, for free.

After all, art is a pleasure. Choosing and buying art should be a pleasure too.

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