How We work with Recruiters

Recruiting can be time consuming for small companies like us. We're happy to work with recruiters if it makes our lives easier, however experience has shown that this is not always the case. We are keen to avoid getting bombarded with unnecessary calls so we ask that you read our rules for working with us. Please don’t think we’re rude or difficult to work with (we're not), honestly we don't have the time or capacity to manage agencies that don't want to work with us in this way.

The Process

  1. Please don’t call us unless it has been previously arranged by Rise Art. Any unsolicited calls will be forwarded to this page. Note: Unsolicited calls are a fast way to make sure we won't work with you.

  2. Do not lie to us: Do not phone and say you know us when you don't. Do not tell the person answering the phone a different story to the person who you are trying to get hold of.

  3. All positions are advertised on our Jobs Page If it is not listed here, we are not currently recruiting for the role.

  4. Only submit candidates via our Jobs Page. If you feel you have a candidate that is an outstanding fit for the role we are looking for, please submit as a candidate would, except use your email/phone instead of the candidates. We require their name to determine if they have already applied for the role. If this is the first time you have worked with the company, please also include your companies terms and commission schedule in the field marked anything else you want to tell us. Submitting via this process is the only way to be added to our applicant tracking system. If you have multiple candidates, they each need to be uploaded one at a time.

Our Promise to Recruiters

  1. We will reach out to you if you follow the above steps, and we are interested in your candidate. If you do not hear back from us, please assume we are not interested in them. If the team feels like you have a clear understanding of our requirements then we will aim to give you feedback for candidates that aren't exactly what we are looking for, and add you to our preferred list of suppliers.

  2. We won't discount candidates that come via recruiters but we will discount recruiters with terms that are not at market rate.

  3. We won't work on any exclusive or retainer basis.

  4. We do pay competitive salaries for top candidates

A thank you in advance

We enjoy working with smart people, recruiters included. We've set our recruitment process up to save our time and the time of the partners we work with. We know what we want out of candidates, and if we are interested in the candidates you bring to a role, we will include you in the recruitment process.Thank you in advance for your interest.