How To

Find out how to collect, frame, arrange and look after your art with our ‘How To’ guides. Whether you are looking for advice on curating the perfect picture wall, or you want to know the steps to building your art collection, our guides cover everything from the practical to the artistic. Our how tos are aimed at helping you on your art collecting journey, making it easy for you to display and look after your art.

Key How Tos you need to know

Sometimes choosing art is the easiest part, once you realise you don’t quite know where to put it. We have a collection of expert guides at the ready to help you get your art on the wall. Whether you need to know How to Custom Frame Art or you’re in need of advice on How to Arrange Wall Art, use our guides to get you to grips with collecting art.

Specific How To’s that will come in handy

Following the initial steps of How to Start an Art Collection, you may find you need to start considering how best to look after your art. Whilst mediums such as acrylic paintings, photography and digital prints don’t require too much maintenance, more traditional methods such as oil paintings do need that extra bit of attention. Our How To Clean an Oil Painting Guide talks you through the dos and don’ts of looking after your paintings and how best to take care of your art collection.

Buying For The Moment vs Buying For The Future

Our guide explores the pros and cons of buying art for the moment versus buying art for the future. Learn about the ins and outs of art acquisition, whether for love, a future investment, or both.

How to build an art collection

Discover how to start building your art collection online.

How to Custom Frame Art

Find out how to custom frame your painting, print or photograph with this guide to framing art.

Commissioning Art

Find out how to commission art and start your collection today.

How to Arrange Wall Art

Discover how to arrange wall art in our complete guide to hanging art.

How to Hang Art

Learn how to hang art and create gallery-worthy displays with these simple tips and tricks. Wall art can uplift and renew any setting when hung up and organised with care; all it takes is a little planning and patience.

A Guide to Gifting Art This Christmas

Explore our guide to gifting art this Christmas and find art to suit every taste.

How to Clean an Oil Painting

Oil paintings need that little bit extra care when handling, cleaning and keeping in optimal condition. Find out how to keep them clean in Rise Art's guide.

5 Ways to Incorporate Maximalism into your Art Collection

Minimalism has dominated the design world for nearly a century, with Scandinavian chic interior design being seen as the main trend, teaching us to strip back the unnecessary and embrace simplicity. However, after maximalism burst onto the scene in 2018, the movement is quickly becoming en vogue and placing itself at the forefront of design.

5 Tips for the New Collector

Embarking on a journey to collecting art is not as out of reach as you might think. Follow our advice and find out how you can become an art collector today.