Art Styling

Discover the impact art can have on interior design with our Art Styling guides. Whether you’re looking to find art that fits with your home’s style, or wanting to design your space around your art collection, we’re here to offer advice that bridges the gap between art and design. Art can transform the tone and feel of a home, it can bounce colours off one another, give the room a focal point and harmonize a colour scheme. Read our Art Styling guides and find out how you can use art to give your home that all-important ambience.

What is Art Styling?

Art styling relates to how you place and position a piece of art. Whether a large abstract painting, a series of black and white photographs, or a sculpture that requires a plinth, the placement of your art can dramatically change and enhance the feel of a room. Styling art can also be a case of working out what looks good together in terms of colour, tone, size and composition, and how they interact in a certain space or scheme.

Key Art-Styling Guides

With our art styling guides, we’ve covered various aspects of correlating art with design, style and space. Find out how to use art to impact the themes and atmosphere of a room with our guide, Styling with Art: Harmonising Art with Interior Design. If you’re looking for something a little more style specific, have a look at Art Deco Interior Design, where our experts guide you through the history of art deco whilst suggesting the best ways to bring the art deco style into your home.

How to Custom Frame Art

Find out how to custom frame your painting, print or photograph with this guide to framing art.

How to Hang Art

Learn how to hang art and create gallery-worthy displays with these simple tips and tricks. Wall art can uplift and renew any setting when hung up and organised with care; all it takes is a little planning and patience.

When Art Meets Wallpaper

It’s a dramatic look, but how do you avoid the dreaded clash and really pull it off?

5 Tips on How to Create the Perfect ‘Salon-Style’ Hang

Originating in 17th century France, the Salon style hang quickly became a way of bringing art to the masses and breaking down the cultural walls of the elite classes. It’s a trend that has transcended the worlds of art and interiors, especially popular today as a means of displaying even the most eclectic of collections. Be fearless and follow our simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the look in your home.

How to Bring Pantone's Greenery Into Your Home With Art

Styling with exotic art in your home is a wonderful way to infuse your space with a touch of greenery and achieve the trend of the moment, and we’ve selected some luscious and lively artworks to inspire you to do just that.

6 Ways to Bring in Art for a New Year, New Room & New You

It’s the time of year when everyone has the best of intentions for life changing New Year’s resolutions and positive transformations. Here are our 6 ways to bring in art for a new year, a new room, and a new you!

6 Ways to Get Your Home Festive Ready with Art

Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, gift giving and party season is in full swing and that fun, festive spirit is everywhere. For a real festive feel and to have your house looking at its sparkly best, adding a new work of art can take it from Santa’s grotto to Santa’s wonderland. Here are our tips for the making the most with art this year.

9 Art Stopping-ly Good Holiday Homes, and How to Get the Look

Our friends over at Love Home Swap have a curated database of some truly stunning holiday homes, none we should say more stunning than those filled to the brim with stand out art. Browsing these exotic locations doesn’t have to conjure pure envy; to bring that feeling back to your own home you can get the look with our nine properties to love, and the artworks to match.

6 Tips for Keeping it Clean

As we know artwork is a great way to brighten up your walls and your home, transforming a space from dull and lacklustre to the epitome of envy. But sadly, though magic as they are, artworks won’t clean themselves, and maintaining your pieces properly is part and course of keeping them in the best nick possible. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our friends at Hassle have put together 6 tips for keeping your artwork in tip-top condition.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Office With Art

Research shows that a creative environment keeps employees happier and can even improve productivity. But what’s the point in knowing this if we don’t know what to do about it?! Read on our 5 step guide to decorating your office with art. (Feel free to share this with your boss...!)