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        6 Secrets to Start Up Success with Rise Art CEO Scott Phillips

        Scott Phillips and Marcos Steverlynck started Rise Art in 2011 with a mission to revolutionise the way people find and buy art. Today Rise Art represents over 1,000 artists, with 16,000 incredible works, and it’s grown from a small, UK focused business to a company shipping art to over 60 countries worldwide. Our CEO Scott Phillips offers his 6 secrets to start up success.

        By Rise Art

        Scott Phillips and Marcos Steverlynck started Rise Art in 2011 with a mission to revolutionise the way people find and buy art.

        Scott was introduced to the world of art through his wife Helene, when he began to visit galleries and go to openings. He started to fall for art and was amazed by how it could transform a room in his home, spark conversation and incite joy and intrigue. And art was something he could actually own – it wasn’t just for other people. 


        Rise Art brought 5 famous artworks to the public to demonstrate Britain's disconnect with art.


        But Scott could see there was a problem. For most of us, finding, choosing and buying art was difficult. The internet seemed to be changing the way we did everything else — so why not art? From there Rise Art was born.


        Scott demonstrating Rise Art on mobile at a pop up exhibition in Hong Kong.


        Today Rise Art’s experts scour the globe for the most extraordinary artists, using state of the art technology to make their work accessible to anyone, anywhere. Rise Art has grown from a small, UK focused business to a company shipping art to customers in over 60 countries worldwide. In 2017, the team saw sales double to over £1 million. 


        Scott at home with his pieces by urban artist Hush.


        Now Scott and Marcos are taking things to the next level - they're raising capital on Crowdcube to continue the growth of the business, with their sights set on expansion into Asia. You can join the Rise Art growth story by investing as little as £10. Go to our Invest page for more information. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards.


        Here CEO Scott shares his 6 secrets to start up success...


        1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

        “At Rise Art, weekly sync ups with the whole team and daily catch ups within the sub-teams of the business keep us on track. Keep all channels of communication open, both within and across departments.”


        YBA Gavin Turk in judge mode at our inaugural Rise Art Prize finalist exhibition.


        2. Take Advantage of Digital Tools

        “We use various digital tools that help boost productivity, like Slack, Trello, CoSchedule and Recruiterbox. Use as many SaaS (Software as a Service) tools as possible to replace manual tasks.”


        Rise Art's 2016 pop up exhibition in Hong Kong.


        3. Fuel the Body to Fuel the Mind

        “A steady supply of office snacks keeps us going throughout the day. And towards the end of the week, when things get rough, we have tunes playing on the office sound system and we get together for Friday lunch to recharge us for the final push.”


        You can invest in Rise Art for as little as £10. Capital at risk.


        4. Company Culture is Key

        “As the founders of Rise Art, Marcos and I have built our team from 4 people to nearly 20 in the past 3 years. The biggest challenge we have is creating a positive and productive company culture so that A) we can recruit great people that fit our culture and B) we can get people energised and rowing in the same direction with common goals and values.”


        Our Rise Art Prize judges examining work by Heja Rahiminia.


        5. Recruit Wisely

        “Do future employees share our values and fit in with the company culture? It's not just about being smart and experienced in the role. We've made a few hiring mistakes in the past and these have been costly in terms of time and resources. Also save on costs where you can - hire freelancers for specific jobs rather than taking on additional staff members. The trick is to keep your costs variable, not fixed.”


        Our bodypainted nude models in front of London's National Gallery.


        6. Save on Rent with Shared Office Space

        “Keep office space costs low by signing flexible contracts that you can flex up and down as your team grows. Using shared office space rather than signing a multi-year agreement gives us the flexibility to expand the team when we need to - and it saves us a lot of money because we don’t end up paying for space we don’t use.”





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