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        From Van Gogh to Mondrian, Five Artist Lookalikes

        Five artists whose work resembles that of Van Gogh, Picasso, Lichtenstein, Munch and Mondrian.

        By Aimee Morris

        Last week Rise Art took to the streets with a live exhibition. We’re talking art in the flesh, literally. We had five nude models painted to represent famous artworks by Van Gogh, Picasso, Munch, Lichtenstein and Mondrian. And boy did we make a splash.



        Our body paint artist started work at 11pm the night before so we could hit the streets of London with our 5 models at dawn, making our way from Charing Cross Station to the National Gallery and on to Millennium Bridge, turning lots of heads along the way.



        What was the point? Well  we surveyed the nation about their engagement with visual art and we were taken aback by the results. Most of the nation’s under thirties haven’t stepped foot in a gallery. We wanted to highlight how disconnected Britons are from art, and to broadcast Rise Art's mission to bridge that gap by bringing great art to everyBODY.



        It obviously made quite an impact. We hit the headlines in over 62 publications, including Daily Mail, UniladThe Guardian and The Telegraph. Plus our CEO Scott Philips had a slot on London Live.



        But it’s not just the work of famous artists we want to bring to the public. At Rise Art we support and promote living artists at all levels of their careers. Some of our artists are up-and-coming, while others are gallery regulars. All of them are exceptional. And although you won't find Van Gogh on Rise Art, you may well find the next one. Here are five contemporary artists whose work resembles that of the Greats.


        1. igor barkhatov

        The Serbian artist's rich impressionist style paintings remind us of...


        Still Life with Asters by Igor Barkhatov


        ...Dutch Post-Impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh.


        2. Ignacio Lalanne

        The Argentinean painter's bold lines, vivid colours and geometric focus instantly recall the work of...


        Towers of Wisdom IX by Ignacio Lalanne



        ...Spanish Cubist, Pablo Picasso.


        3. Lee Ellis

        With their anguished subjects and acidic colours, Lee's angsty portraits bear a resemblance to...


        How I Feel by Lee Ellis



        ...the work of Norwegian Symbolist, Edvard Munch.


        4. Super Pop Boy

        There's no mistaking the similarity between Super Pop Boy's pop art pieces and those of...


        The Neon Orange One by Super Pop Boy



        ...American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein.


        5. Raffaella Bertolini

        The Italian born artist references the work of famous music, fashion, pop and art icons, including...


        Serge Gainsbourg Melting on Mondrian Painting by Raffaella Bertolini



        ...Dutch Neoplasticist, Piet Mondrian.


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