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Piet Mondrian


Piet Mondrian is well known for his distinctive geometric-style paintings, made up of red, blue and yellow rectangles and broken up by bold black lines.Above all else, Mondrian is one the first artists to pave the way in the world of abstract art in the early 1910s, along with contemporaries like Kandinsky, Delaunay or Malevitch. He took up abstraction in 1914 after spending some time working with cubism, which he later refined in the subsequent years. However as an artist, he chose a rather different attitude to abstraction, than the more lyrical and expressive approach of his contemporary Kandinsky. From 1916 and on, his paintings became more refined and start to stray further and further from nature, thus eliminating curved, wavy lines and the color green. In the end, Mondrian kept only the three primary colors along with his penchant for right angles. By the end of his life, his styles changed once more when he lived in New York City and his colors began to seep into the lines themselves. 

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