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Sally Lancaster


Sally Lancaster is largely self-taught and has been painting professionally for over ten years. She has won numerous awards for her fine and highly detailed oil paintings. Lancaster works on commission and specializes in portraits, paintings of classic cars for collectors and cherished animal companions.  She exhibits regularly in various galleries throughout the UK. In 2012, Sally Lancaster was commissioned to paint a painting for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. She is an academic at the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. Characterized by fine brushstrokes on subtle backgrounds, Sally Lancaster always focuses on the beauty of the subject itself, often viewed from an unusual angle. She is fascinated by detail and light, capturing every expression, movement and subtlety of the subject. Sally Lancaster aspires to evoke emotions and allow the viewer to appreciate the beauty and true personality of the subject.

Œuvres sélectionnées


Peinture - 76x61 cm

Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Peinture - 51x61 cm


Peinture - 72x88 cm

Sheer Calm

Peinture - 61x71 cm

Veiled Within

Peinture - 61x61 cm


Peinture - 73x53 cm

Delicate grace

Peinture - 64x84 cm


Peinture - 51x40 cm

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