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ROCO Studio was created by a Dutch artist / entrepreneur, known for his large abstract paintings. He wants to make the original art available to everyone. A complete artist, he is fascinated by many art forms. With the ROCO collection, we mix styles and disciplines. You will never find the same original work of art twice. Bright and colourful works of art are declaration pieces that are suitable for any type of environment. All ROCO's art is original and handmade in the Roxier studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. ROCO Studio originals and limited editions are sold to private residences and offices.

Œuvres sélectionnées

Atomic Purple

Peinture - 74x55 cm

American Comic Girl in Blue

Peinture - 74x56 cm

Comic Girl in Yellow

Peinture - 74x56 cm

Comic Lines in Purple

Peinture - 74x56 cm


Edition - 24x18 cm

Comic Girl in Pastel

Peinture - 74x56 cm

Biting lip in Neon Pink

Edition - 59x42 cm

Kissing lip in Neon Orange

Edition - 59x42 cm

Frida Kahlo

Peinture - 74x56 cm

Color me Pink

Edition - 40x40 cm

Color me Mint

Edition - 40x40 cm

Commandez une œuvre de Roco

Nous pouvons organiser et superviser la création d'une nouvelle œuvre spécialement pour vous.

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