"I Love You"

"I Love You"

11 May 2012

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My series Marie Claire RIP has been selected for the show "I Love You" curated by Richard Ansett and held at Tenderpixel Gallery in Central London.
Grace Brown
Natasha Caruana
EJ Major
Pete McGovern
Andre Penteado
PV 11th May
11 May - 16 June 2012

"A photograph is a secret about a secret...the more it tells you the less you know." Diane Arbus
The photograph presents a convincing reality. Creating instantaneously and with such minimal effort, the protagonist behind the lens is incapable of true objectification.
The concept of image purity neutralises its emotional intensity and democratises it to a more conventional aesthetic; information is part of the artist's generated experience, and contemporary image-makers must have an understanding of their antecedents: knowing both where the boundaries are, and when to cross them.
An artistic statement allows for a further context to explore beyond the two-dimensional without imposing a vision. Denying it is either wholly meaningless, or a statement in itself.
Subconscious motivation can only be applied retroactively and being informed of an artist's motivations can transform works beyond their aesthetic immediacy. The power - indeed, the danger - of photography is in its closeness to depriving us of reality. Simple acceptance of what we see only masks the deep issues that direct its core subject matter.

Richard Ansett