08 September 2011

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MadeScapes is proud to announce the second of its four exhibitions: System History.

Private View: 6pm Sept 8th /Drinks/DJ's/After Party

Natural order offers the primary ideal from which the constructs of human society derive. Forms. Colours. Spaces. Flows. Differences. Repetition. Systems grown out of a history inherently connected with universal balance.

The urban infrastructure, with all its concrete, congestion and commerce, seemingly contradicts its systematic origins through an absence of the natural. Yet this contradiction, this detachment, is only perceived.

Urban spaces have become the neo-natural, the landscapes of progression, and the contemporary fields of connection. Spaces punctuated with a kaleidoscopic sensory overload of ideas, images and messages.

The dynamic and fluctuating signage of places built on consumption, narrate the vivid hues, digital compositions and fluorescent filled inspirations of those who reside within the cities ceaseless boundaries.

System History draws together three artists who have considered the position of humanity from within these urban-landscapes, from the physical to the virtual, through the petro-plastic to the packaged and pixelated. Vibrant. Ecstatic. Eclectic. Immediate.

Hope to see you there.


Harry McCarthy Tom Canford Lorena Munoz-Alonso