05 - 08 August 2021 from 10:00 to 18:00

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GARAGES / GARDENS telescopes two Counterspaces*, two real places that host imaginary,
two physical locations of the utopia.

The Garage, in essence a utilitarian environment, echoing heavy materiality and rawness,
but also offering a haven for storing lives, memories, and journeys. The garage space has
facilitated creativity in music, visual arts, and crafts.

The Garden, a constant source of inspiration for artists, offering a manicured and landscaped
environment, but left to its own devices growing into a wilderness of untamed and
colourful wildlife. Consequently, harbouring a world, unknown, unseen and allowing for
mystery and magic.

Both Rebecca and Lise navigate between these two universes. Rebecca through spontaneous and rhythmic mark making creates still life scenes and abstract ‘inner landscapes’. Lise visualises the ephemeral personality of snow, fallen leaves and spring flowers; applying these scenes to found and raw construction materials, she contrasts her delicate touch and application.

This show explores the balance and power of dualism. It will somehow reflect London and
its thrilling succession of building sites and massive gardens.


Rebecca Hardaker