04 June - 04 August 2020 from 09:00 to 20:00

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Transient is a response to the current global pandemic lockdown. We asked our members what it means to be an artist during this isolation period. Everyone is adapting, learning, and being challenged in different ways than we are used to.

In mathematics, Transient means a function that tends to zero, i.e. with a solution. Transient also means temporary, as in the current state of uncertainty. Collectively, artists support one another and the wider community in response.

Kate Enters, Founder and Director of ArtCan, says: “During these challenging and uncertain times, the strength of community and need for human contact has come to the forefront of society as essential and pure. ArtCan is lucky to have such a diverse yet incredibly close-knit community of artists and supporters who have enabled the creative voice to stay strong as well as support each other as needed. The Transient exhibition is an amazing example of this comradely spirit and truly inspires hope and resilience during this transient time!”


nancy cravero Anne Marie Lepretre Michelle Hold